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Let's get this bus rollin! It was going to be my day off. Of course, just when I decide to take a day off, J-mac picks up some big booty Native American chick in some mall in Hialeah of all places. I was in the worst mood so I hated the idea at first. After I actually got the girl in the van I started to notice that she was pretty cute. She had a nice face and best of all she had a nice body. Her tits were nice but her ass was incredible. They should put this chick on Assparade.com of something. If they could find her. We left this girl in the middle of no where. Gator country man! That shit never gets old. I knew the minute she told me that she had met J-mac in that mall and she was willing to be "interviewed" There was more to this girl that meets the eye. Later in the conversation I figured it out. This girl had not been fucked in like eight months. No wonder the girl would follow any man that would give her the least bit of attention. This girl was horny man! J-mac did her in every position possible. The sex was hot to say the least! This girl gave an amazing blowjob too. All in all it was a great day off. -DIRT! Tara at Bangbus. Tara is one of our favorite reality and sites on the web.
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