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So check this one out... Ugs, J-Mac, and I were doing our regular ol' search and destroy thing when suddenly a fantastic idea popped into my head almost as fast as Marko and Ugs trade anal shots!!! Hey, that's pretty fuckin' fast we're talking here... so yeah... Since most chicks you find in Miami are on some money hungry shit... we figured it be a GREAT idea to start chumming the streets.. you know.. like fish in the water for sharks... as soon as that scent is released... they come a runnin'! Enter Bianca... poor thing... her travel agent told her that she'd be staying in South Beach for her vacation... but was stuck in downtown Miami... let's just say that you don't wanna be roaming the streets after dusk around there... eek.... Michigan chicks, and pretty much all tourist chicks... some down to sexy Miami in search of foreign cock... it's a proven fact! Don't believe it.. check the track record suckas... Small town chicks are so sweet and innocent... at least the way they present themselves.. Bianca fit that mold quick fast... along with the cash hungry monster females are... $300 and a ride to South Beach was just about right for her to come along... silly human... From the looks of her perky natural tits popping out of her chest... and those damn eagle claw tattoos... I knew this would be a good one... I love being right! Didn't take much for this mid-west broad to strip down to her skin... what an ass on this one! White girls with juicy bubble butts is where it's at! My homie J-Mac fails to disappoint as this broad is shown the way of the Miami chick... on her knees ready to please... Saliva dripping everywhere... Bianca's blowjob skills were up to my standards... and when she got on that dick for the sex... it was even better! Her tight pussy getting stuffed by my man J-Mac made for great footage for all of you out there... But sadly enough.. we had to let her go... Serves her right for talking to strangers... check the episode for the full story... The Dirty One... Bianca at Bangbus. Bianca is one of our favorite reality and sites on the web.
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I looked over and saw Diane's face buried in Irina's pussy and pulled Linda up where we could both watch them. Irina had her bianca at bangbus. bianca legs wide apart and I could see Diane's tongue really working on her pussy. Irina loves it when another woman licks her pussy. She was bianca at bangbus. bianca purring and having orgasm after orgasm. She may have been too sore for a cock to bianca at bangbus. bianca fuck her, but I could tell she was enjoying Diane's hard tongue. I told Linda to go sit on bianca at bangbus. bianca Irina's face. See looked at me, smiled and moved over and straddled my wife's face, lowering her pussy onto Irina's mouth. Linda immediately started moaning and saying how good Irina's tongue felt. Kim and Armand went to the dance floor and began to dance, Armand showing off his moves and making moves that looked more like fucking than dancing, but he was good, and Kim loved dancing with him. They spent a lot of time openly kissing while they danced, and she wanted to suck his cock again so bad her pussy was staying wet. She excused herself to go pee and Kassidy decided to join her. They headed for the ladies room and went in to relieve themselves. They talked about how horny these two men were and what they were going to do with them this evening. When they finished, they exited the door and were met by three large guys who told them how nice "You little bianca at bangbus. bianca white whore's looked".

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