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IT'S OFFICIAL: Me and Dasani are done...I can't say I didn't expect it to happen...but damn, not so soon...So this is how it went down: I'm coming home from a hard day of shooting...and I walk in to my bedroom and there she is getting stuffed in to another dimension, by two guys...yup, like that: not one cock but two motherfuckers...ain't nothing like your girl getting DP on your it's obvious that it's over.. Like my peeps always say:"BROS BEFORE HOES"...and then anal. Luckily my boys: Uggs and J-Mac were around for us to go an another ass seeking adventure...And it went a little something like this: Uggs was hungry as ussual, so we roamed are asses down to Lil' Hati, obviously the best spot for three chicos to go have lunch and we spot a sexy little white chixk sitting on a bench...So like the Pimp that I am...I call her over, so she can let me know what a fine little piece of ass like hers is doing in a neighboorhood like this (once she gets past the whole camera thing), she sez she's from Jersey and that she just got divorced and hasn't had any good dick in a I was like bam: today is your lucky day, sweety..So we were off to the depths of debauchery! Things got really interesting once she got on da bus...she could't keep her hands off J-Mac...but she's here for all of us to Enjoy, so you know I had to see her sexy breasts...and sur enough we got a glaze at dem and wit a peek at her round ass...once this Jerzy Girl was naked you know she went face first into J-Mac's crotch, just grabbing at the cock...this is what legend are made gotta see this whole episode in action..Enjoy Fellas..The Dirty One... Ariana at Bangbus. Ariana is one of our favorite reality and sites on the web.
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